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Andros is considered an ideal island for hiking, as in contrast to the other islands of the Cyclades, its mountainous nature and the abundance of springs offer unique experiences to hiking enthusiasts.

Route signaling

In fact, in October 2015, it secured the certification mark for its trails from the European Confederation of Hiking Associations and is the only island in Europe that has secured this certification. The certification signal came as a natural consequence of the systematic effort to record the routes and highlight the paths from the network “Andros Routes” ( One Foot Forward Travel ( is a network of people and businesses that love nature, see life holistically and promote responsible ecotourism.

Route 2

The hiker
in Andros has the opportunity to enjoy everything: Old bridges, watermills, valleys – even small waterfalls! It can walk next to small rivers (Achla, Vori, Pythara), while it has the opportunity to admire the dry stones but also to enjoy a unique view, as some of the routes reach almost to the ridge of the mountain massifs of the island.

In Andros, more than 25 hiking routes have been recorded, of varying degrees of difficulty, which are offered for both experienced and novice walkers. The total length of the network of hiking trails is estimated to approach and possibly exceed 300 km! In 1997, the Prefecture of Cyclades in collaboration with the Andros Development Company implemented the cleaning and signaling of 12 hiking routes, with a total length of 85 km, most of which are located in the central and southern part of the island. Recently these routes have increased, as new and very interesting ones have been added to the northern and western part of the island.


Andros has a rich tradition in sports. In antiquity the names of Aristachmus, Jerome and Proclus are mentioned as Olympians from the island. In modern Greek sports, great players with a significant contribution for many years, were Andriotes. Like the late Presidents of Olympiacos and AEK, Nikos Goulandris and Nikos Goumas, as well as the for many years general manager of Panathinaikos, Antonis Mantzavelakis. Or President of the Greek Swimming Federation, Dimitris Diathesopoulos. On the island there are teams that cultivate various sports (dominated by football), the most famous of which is Andriakos.

N.O.K.A, in Ormos Korthiou

Where Andros is particularly distinguished is in water sports. The Nautical Club of Korthi and the Nautical Club of Andros the  are members of the Sailing Federation, having a significant presence in the races. At the same time they have organized with great success important sailing races. On the island where the North alternates with the South, and Zephyrus gives his place to Meltemia, the friends of water sports find their earthly paradise. Those who are new to windsurfing but also those who catch the sail for the first time, find the ultimate surf world in Andros. Enhancing the benefits of strong winds and sea currents, Andros has developed a variety of services and services around the world of the board.

Swimming & Windsurfing lessons, in Ormo korthiou

Points for jumpers, places for wave style or flat for speed, give the impetus to the hard-core surfers to trim the sail and enter the sea. On the other hand, companies, clubs and clubs offer courses and equipment rentals to beginners of all ages but also necessary modern accessories to professional athletes. It is no coincidence that some of the famous world champions have from time to time chosen the Andrian waters for their training in the past there has been a world windsurfing championship in Korthi Bay.

Scuba Diving

Ocean floor of Andros

Magnificent states stretch below the surface of the sea of Andros and discover the treasures that hide the crystal clear waters of the Aegean. The shipwrecks that found refuge in the seas of the island have created an impressive underwater life on the Andrian seabed. More information at


Off Road

For the lovers of four wheels, Andros is a place that will give them the opportunity to enjoy their tours. A special and adventurous way with “off-road” routes to explore and discover the natural landscapes of the mountainous and coastal ‘Andros! Admire the natural beauty of the areas and the amazing view, relax and swim in the blue beaches.


It is the most suitable form of tourism to get to know Andros and its unique Nature, our people, products and traditions, .. Also, if you want, to combine your holidays with pleasant activities close to Nature!

Participation in agricultural activities such as fruit collection, preparations, contact with animals, Mrs. The traditional pig carcasses, our well-known traditional festivals, etc.


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