Excursion in Batsi


Excursion in Batsi



Excursion Description

We start from the hotel Andros 4 All Seasons Villas & Suites in Ormos Korthiou with destination Batsi and back.

Archaelogical Museum of Paleopolis

The museum of the first capital of Andros, is housed in a building of the community of Paleopolis, sponsored by the Vassilis & Eliza Goulandris Foundation.
His collection includes sculptures, statues, coins and inscriptions, found during the excavations.

The museum has important exhibits such as the Marble sculpture complex of the mythical winged horse Pegasus with his rider, Bellerefont. This is an architectural sculpture, a cape of a temple found in Paleopolis and dates to the late 6th to early 5th century BC. You will see the life-size marble lion, a tomb sculpture, found in the cemetery of ancient Andros and dating to around 320 BC. The marble statuette of Artemis of the Hellenistic era dating to the 3rd century BC. Most important of all you consider an inscribed marble slab that saves 178 verses from the hymn in honor of the eastern goddess Isis. The goddess is praised as an earthly, heavenly and sea goddess, inventor of shipping. It dates back to the 1st century BC.

Once we finish our tour of the Museum we will walk to the picturesque village of Paleopolis exploring a small stone bridge.

Archaeological Site of Ypsili Andros

A sanctuary, three thousand years old
The Ypsilis Archaeological Site in Andros was discovered in the early 1980s. The first excavations brought to light important ancient relics, such as the temple in the center of the citadel, buildings and part of the wall, as well as many movable finds.
The excavation yielded very important findings, valuable for the Geometric and Archaic era in the Cyclades and wider in the Aegean.
The sanctuary, in the center of the citadel, probably dedicated to the goddess Demeter, was founded in the 8th century BC. and continued its operation at least until the second quarter of the 5th century BC.

The Ypsili’s Archaeological Site is one of the most important fortified settlements of the early Iron Age on an island in the South Aegean in which a large part of the urban fabric of the archaic phase of the citadel was recently discovered, as well as the fortifications of the geometric era. Large farmhouses of historical times came to light in the wider area of Ypsili.
The configuration and promotion of the entire archaeological site was included in the Regional Operational Program of the South Aegean and today has become the first organized visitable archaeological site in Andros.
The Archaeological Site of Ypsili is undoubtedly one of the most important in Andros.

Tower of Agios Petros

The despot of the plain of Gavrio, The tower of Agios Petros in Andros, of Hellenistic era (4th-3rd century BC) is one of the best preserved in all the Cyclades. It is cylindrical and survives at a height of about 20 m. The diameter of its base is 9.40 m. And is made entirely of local slate.

Inside there is a spiral staircase that led to at least five floors. At the top, there is an opening covered by a large stone. Just above the lintel there is a hatch that leads to the upper level.
Its small size only allows one person to climb. Starting from the ground floor of the first floor, a spiral staircase, made of stone protruding from the inner wall, leads to the top floor (fifth floor). There is a smaller wall of treated stone inside the tower. This inner wall is damaged in most places. Today there is no roof, and the upper part has been demolished. In its original form it must have been 2-3 meters higher than it is now.

The tower of Agios Petros is built in a very privileged position, since it dominates the plain of Gavrio of Andros and faces the sea with the possibility of controlling the ships. Also around the monument there are metal (copper) mining facilities, which operated until the beginning of the century. However, there are indications that similar work was done in antiquity. Obviously the role of the monument was to control land and sea.


And we complete our trip arriving at the enchanting Batsi where we will leave you free time to take your walk.

To walk in its picturesque alleys, to drink your coffee, to enjoy your lunch or even to shop.



Departure Point: Andros Hotel 4 All Seasons Villas & Suites, Ormos Korthiou,

Departure time: 09:00 a.m.

Return time: 16:00 p.m. (approximately)

Price per person: 35,00 €

Minimum / Maximum participation: 3 people up to 7 people

The price includes: your transfer to the respective location.

The excursion includes:

Transportation by luxury van of the company


Liability Insurance


The excursion does not include:

Entrances to museums, caves, meals, beverages and coffees,

Medical insurance in off-bus accidents


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