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Health & Beauty

Care Nails

“Niki’s Nail Salon” is the perfect place of beauty, it offers you the ultimate renewal, positively affecting your self-confidence.

Guided by the excellent service, it offers you manicure, pedicure, waxing, and face care services.

Excellent products, her hospitility will make you feel like a new woman.

Hair Care

Want a new hair style?

Make a change while on your vacation! 

Leave yourself in the hands of our special hairstylist…

…enjoy the care and treatment on your hair.

Massage Care

Take the opportunity to take a break and revive yourself.

Now that you are in relaxation mode, try a unique wellness experience, in the hands of a well-known physiotherapist, who knows how to relieve the stress of your daily life.

A visit to your room will take you through the healing approach, the unique aromas and the velvety textures of the products.


In this Yoga practice,we apply a traditional energetic system that consists of:

Breathing techniques-Pranayama
Ways for relaxation and centering-Meditation
Sounding exercises-Mantra

Extra Services

Health & Beauty

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