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Excursion to Menites

αρχείο λήψης


Excursion Description

We start from the hotel Andros 4 All Seasons Villas & Suites in Ormos Korthiou with destination Mainites and return.

Olive Museum

This olive press in Pitrofos, also known as “vida”, occupies an important part of the ground floor “katogi” of the two-storey stone building. The first floor has always been the owner’s residence.

It is a wonderful example of a small pre-industrial livestock olive oil production unit. Its facades and the internal stonework have been beautifully restored, preserving all the original structural elements, which were typical of the rural architecture of the Cyclades.
The museum is ranked 1st out of 5 museums and 35 activities and attractions in Andros and 2nd out of 120 museums in the Cyclades.

The History of the Museum

Once we finish our visit to the olive museum, we continue our excursion going to the monastery of Agia Marina!

Monastery of Agia Marina

The Holy Monastery of Agia Marina located in the north of Chora was recently renovated.

The Monastery dates back to 1325, when in the area of Litres, Agia Marina is miraculously presented to an old ascetic and he is instructed to find her image in a slit in a rock, as she did.

During the 16th century the monastery was burned three times by pirate raids, but the Hieromonk Sophronios manages to renovate it, selling his property in the Peloponnese. It turns it into a nunnery, which even hosted 100 nuns. In 1833, by decree, 417 monasteries were closed throughout Greece – including Agia Marina. Her miraculous icon is bought by the Empirikou family and transferred to the Holy Temple of Panagia, in Chora.

In 1975, the then Metropolitan of Syros, Dorotheos, passing through the ruins of the Monastery, asked his deacon, Kyprianos Winter, to restore the Monastery. Which happens in the years to come. The monastery became widely known for the miracle of healing a small child from Cyprus.

Waterfalls of Pithara

A place taken from a fairy tale. It is a destination that is not reminiscent of Cyclades and will be unforgettable.

Pythara Waterfalls in Andros are located in Apoikia, ten minutes away from the road. To get there we will cross a smooth path, full of vegetation, a fairytale route I would say, which predisposes you to the beauty you will see in the “Fairyland” as the folk tradition calls it.Its abundant waters run rapidly and create an amazing habitat.

Waterfalls and lakes are formed in the green landscape where aquatic life abounds. Like a dream with elves and enchanted forests, only in this way can the description of the Fairyland be made. Only if you walk, smell, bathe, experience this magical place, release the water and listen to the cicadas will you feel those, which are not easily described in words. Pythara Falls is a small ecosystem for many birds and amphibians.

At the same time for rare species of plants and wildflowers that grow along the entire length of the ravine. Pythara is used for the irrigation of the fields while from 1863 to 1936 its waters moved the largest watermill in the Balkans, the “Fabrika” a little further down in the village of Stenia.

The springs are on Mount Petalo, in the area of ​​Evrousies, and the estuary is on Gyalia beach.Leaving the waterfalls, right next to it we will visit the Source of the Colonies, a place that come from all over Andros to fill their traditional “pitchers”.

A place where next to it is the factory that produces bottled water Sariza!

Village of Mainetes

And we complete our excursion leaving you in the village of Mainites, where you will take your walk, enjoy a coffee or launch.

You will dismiss the greenery and the coolness of the running waters in the homonymous springs.


Departure Point: Andros Hotel 4 All Seasons Villas & Suites, Ormos Korthiou,

Departure time: 09:00 a.m.

Return time: 16:00 p.m. (approximately)

Price per person: 30,00 €

Minimum / Maximum participation: 3 people up to 7 people

The price includes: your transfer to the respective location.

The excursion includes:

Transportation by luxury van of the company


Liability Insurance


The excursion does not include:

Entrances to museums, caves, meals, beverages and coffees,

Medical insurance in off-bus accidents,



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